Hosting A Scrap Metal Recycling Drive For Your Organization

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Scrap metal recycling combines the benefits of reducing landfill waste and making extra money for your organization. Schools, community centers, and other charitable organizations can earn money by simply helping people get rid of recyclable-trash. Here are some steps you'll need to take to set up your scrap metal recycling drive.

Source A Metal Recycler

Your first step will be to find a metal recycling company in your area willing to work with you. The company can help you arrange a pick-up date and determine the types of metal you should include for your drive. In some cases, the recycling firm may also provide approved containers for you to use when collecting the metal scraps. Be sure to ask how the metal will be weighed and when you can expect to receive payment for the collected material.

Designate A Drop-Off Zone

Having a space to collect the scrap is essential. You can hold the recycling drive on a single day in your organization's parking lot to make the process simple. Set up tents to shield your volunteers from the sun or rain throughout the day. It's a good idea to have some large trash bins available at the site for items people might bring that can't be recycled. If you choose to collect materials over the course of several days, you'll want to make sure you locate an indoor area to store the scrap. This might be in a locked garage or shed on your property, but you can also set aside a storage closet or spare room inside your building as well.

Inform The Community

Informing the community involves getting the word out about your drive to ensure people show up. However, you'll want to go beyond simple fliers that tell people to drop off their scrap metal. Talk to the recycling company about items that can and can't be accepted. You can use this information to make a do/don't list on your fliers. For example, old batteries and electronic items might not be permitted, but copper wiring and metal pipes should meet the requirements for the scrap drive. Keep a digital file for your fliers so you can share the information in emails, newsletters, and social media posts. Finding as many outlets as possible will help make your recycling event a success.

Consider Additional Recycling Options

In some cases, the company processing your scrap metal can also handle other types of recyclable material. While you might not get cash for things such as paper or plastic, the drive can be used to help people clear their homes of other unwanted items. If your scrap company doesn't handle these items, ask if they can connect you to a company that does. You can turn your scrap metal drive into an annual recycling event to help promote a better environment while raising much-needed funds for your organization.

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