Why Should You Recycle?

Safe And Legal Disposal Of Metal Items You Cannot Sell For Scrap

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Recycling metal is the right thing to do for the earth, and it is a good thing for your pocketbook as well because scrap metal companies will pay you for your unwanted metal. There are some metal items which require special handling in the secondary metal processing system, they are: Fuel Cylinders, Kegs, and Aerosol Cans While fuel cylinders, kegs, and aerosol cans can be recycled for their metal, they need to be completely empty before you can take them to your local recycling center. If this type of container is recycled without being...

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Three Ways To Start ‘Greenifying’ Your Home

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There seems to be no way to escape it– the green revolution is still in full swing! Now, more than ever, Americans are making more and more eco-conscious choices for their homes and for their lives. An incredible effort is being placed on the “three Rs” of conservation: reducing, reusing, and recycling. It’s an exciting concept, but where does one even start? “Greenifying” your home can seem like a daunting project, but, in reality, a few small tweaks can go a long way. Take a look at these three areas of...

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4 Recyclable Materials Following Demolition

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If you are planning on completing a demolition project at home, whether you are pulling up carpets to lay down hardwood flooring, or taking down a wall to create a larger living room, you should be aware of how you get rid of the materials. A lot of materials that are tore down during demolition can actually be recycled. Instead of filling your local landfills with these materials, consider having a recycling company pick it up, or deliver it to your local recycling plant. Here are some common materials disposed of during demolition that can...

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Copy Machine Leasing Vs. Buying: Which One Is Right For Your Office?

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The decision to lease or buy a copy machine is a difficult one for many business owners. Both options represent a commitment of sorts. Before you can decide whether or not to buy or lease a copy machine, you’ll need to understand the differences between the two options.  Leasing: Pros and Cons A copy machine lease is a binding contract that may last for one, two or more years. During that time, the company that owns the copy machine will be responsible for office copier services and maintenance of the machine.  Leasing is the...

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