Rocking And Rolling Rock: Landscape Rock Delivery Three Ways

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When you want landscape rock and you want it delivered, there are a few ways to go about this. Most people choose to have rock delivered since they do not have the means themselves to pick up a load of rock and bring it back to where they intend to use it. If you have no intention of picking up the amount of landscaping stone and rock that you want and need, here are three ways to get it. 

Landscape Rock Delivery from a Rock Recycling Store

Recently, a new trend has emerged. Old properties or abandoned properties with a lot of landscape rock are scavenged for this product. Then, the scavenged rock is recycled and delivered to consumers at a discounted price. The reason why this option is popular is that it prevents quarries from over-quarrying rock and stripping too much rock from the earth. If this option interests you, find out if you have a recycled rock company near you and contact them. 

Quarried Rock in a Dump Truck 

Quarries also deliver landscaping rock, except that they will bring it to you in a dump truck. You have to specify an eighth, quarter, half, three-quarters, one, or two tons of rock. The rock is scooped from the quarry and placed in the bed of the dump truck. It is "quarry-direct," and it will take time to bring the rock to you. You can schedule a delivery date so that the quarry prioritizes your order. 

Landscaping Rock via Roll-Off Dumpster

If you need even more rock than a dump truck from a quarry can deliver in a single load, consider buying it from a landscaping company that uses roll-off dumpsters to deliver. When you have a really big landscaping project, the landscaping company fills the roll-off dumpster and delivers the dumpster to your property, and then you can scoop and use what you need to fill in areas around the property. When your project is complete, the landscaping company picks up the roll-off dumpster and any rock you did not use for your project.

This cost of the extra rock may be refunded to you, and then the rock will be sold to the next person who hires this landscaping company and its landscape rock delivery services. It is definitely one way to get your rolling rock onto your property. Not many landscaping companies offer this option, so be sure to check with landscaping companies where you live.  

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