Trash Removal And Recycling For Businesses

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No matter what business you are in, there is always going to be some amount of trash that needs removing from your officers or facility. The cost of removing that trash is part of doing business, but reducing the costs with bulk removal and recycling service can make a big difference for your business. 

Bulk Trash Removal

When it comes to removing the trash from your business, renting a dumpster or compactor for the property is a great option. Schedule the pickup of the dumpster on a schedule that best suits your needs and  tailor the plan to save you some cost on the pickups and transport services. If you have several businesses operating on the same property, you may want to split the cost with the other businesses and save some money.

Recycling and Cost Savings

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of trash leaving your property is to start a recycling plan. Depending on the type of waste you generate, there may be a commonly recycled component that you can sort out of your trash and put into recycling. Getting a recycling dumpster like the ones dedicated to cardboard makes it easier to sort out the recycling and helps keep the area looking good. You can rent recycling containers for just about every type of recyclable material out there is you are will to pay the price of having multiple containers on site. A big part of starting any recycling program is educating employees about what materials will go in what bins. Stress that mixed materials may not be accepted, so it is important that people follow the guidelines so you do not get penalized for trash in the recycling containers.

Recycling Income and Offsets

Not all trash companies deal with recycling, so sometimes it is better to deal with a recycler directly. If you have a recycler in your area that is interested in your scrap, talk to them about buying the material from your company. Some companies produce scrap metal that is valuable, while others may produce a plastic scrap material that has value to the right recycler. 

Take the time to talk to the recycler in your area about the options and whether they pay for the scrap material you produce. If the trash company you work with also does recycling, you may be able to keep your costs under one roof and make billing and scheduling much easier to deal with. For questions about how to get started, contact a company like Curbside, INC.