How To Reduce Trash Inefficiency At Schools

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If you want to make your school more eco-friendly and efficient, you have options as far as recycling equipment goes. Here are some methods of using recycling equipment to reduce the amount of inefficiency your school has when it comes to trash.

Smart Trash Compactor for Student Use

While it's true that you can compress trash after students dump their trash into cans and those cans are emptied into a compactor later on, you can increase efficacy by compacting at the source. These special cans have sensors that can detect when someone is approaching in order to lift up the can for them.

This means that the students won't risk spreading germs as much by touching the lid, but it also means that less trash will be spilled everywhere. The device can also detect when it's full. This means that less plastic bags will be wasted since a custodian can be alerted to when it's time to change the bag instead of just doing it regularly which could cause a waste in bags as they are thrown out when the bag didn't really need changing.  

Smart Cardboard Balers

Another useful way to look to cut back on waste is in your cardboard use. Schools tend to use a large amount of cardboard due to all the supplies they need throughout all of the departments.

For example, the cafeteria alone will be going through a lot of cardboard since many food supplies are delivered exclusively in cardboard boxes. This doesn't even take into consideration other departments such as fitness departments, science departments and others, all of which need their own supplies.

Balers can be specified either for horizontal or vertical use depending on what is needed. In some cases, you will even be able to use one large smart machine that can differentiate between different types of recyclable materials for you. All that's needed is for you to put the recyclable material all into one dump area. Then, the machine can sort it out. This will save on labor costs and make your school more green by missing fewer chances for recycling.

Overall, it's easier than you might think to cut back on costs for your school by adding some modern machines that are just more efficient at dealing with waste than anything that you had before. Many organizations are using cardboard balers that are many decades old. An upgrade could go a long way. Go to websites of companies that offer recycling equipment to learn more.