Eliminate Waste Efficiently And Easily - Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Dumpster

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Whether you have a series of large containers at a commercial manufacturing site or one small dumpster for your office, commercial trash removal is a vital service that helps keep the wheels of commerce turning. However, as a customer of a commercial trash company, such as E.L. Harvey & Sons, you have a variety of responsibilities that will help assist your trash removal company in clearing away the waste which plagues you on a daily basis.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your commercial dumpster. Following these suggestions will help guarantee that your trash will be removed quickly and efficiently, which will allow you to avoid the interruptions in service that plague customers who aren't responsible about eliminating their waste.

Guarantee Clear Access

Most of the time, your commercial trash service will empty your dumpster by simply pulling up a large vehicle, mechanically seizing the dumpster, and emptying it into the back of a truck. If access to the dumpster is impeded, it may be impossible for this machinery to operate and you may be stuck with a full trash bin.

When you select a location for your dumpster, make sure it's far from any potential overhanging trees or power lines. You should also be sure that it's not blocked by vehicles in a parking lot, and if you keep your receptacle in a locked enclosure, make sure it's open on your scheduled collection day.

Avoid Overfilling

As mentioned above, the largely mechanical and automatic nature of trash collection removes a great deal of labor from the process but also introduces some new challenges. This collection system relies on the dumpster's ability to stay shut until the correct moment, and when it's too full, spills and other issues may be at risk of occurring.

If you notice your dumpster quickly approaching capacity with a collection date still far off, you should consider calling to schedule an additional pick up. If the issue seems to be recurring, you should reexamine your collection schedule and consider more frequent or differently timed regular collection.

Be Mindful Of the Materials

Some items should be left out of the dumpster because they can't be safely placed into landfills. Paint, hazardous chemicals, medical waste, biological specimens, and rock products are all frequently disposed of in dumpsters and all pose a serious contamination risk. Be sure to avoid disposing of these items in this way, as your commercial trash service will be forced to manually sort through these products and you could find yourself facing serious charges as a result.