Got A Roll Off Dumpster You Are Not Using? 3 Ways You Can Upcycle It

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Many people today are recycling to help the environment, and you can upcycle a roll off dumpster you are no longer using. Upcycling means turning it into something that will be useful for you. This keeps it out of the landfills and gives you something completely free that you need or want.

Swimming Pool

If you would love to have a swimming pool this summer but cannot afford one, you can turn your roll off dumpster into one. All you have to do is clean it up, and then seal all the seams. Use sandpaper to sand down the interior until it is completely smooth, add some sand to cover the bottom, put in a pool liner, and fill it up with water. Make more than one dumpster pool, put them in your back yard, put a security fence around them, and you and our family have a nice place to stay cool this summer.

If you want an in-ground pool, dig a shallow hole in your back yard to place the dumpster in. If you do this, line the hole with limestone to protect the soil before you put the dumpster in it.


If you live in an urban area and do not have enough land for a garden, use the roll off dumpster. Fill it up with good top soil, add a bag of compost to give the soil nutrients, and then plant your seeds. You can plant flowers to add some beauty to your yard. If you want to save money on your groceries, plant vegetables you and your family can eat.


Turn the dumpster into a playhouse for your kids. Clean up the inside and smooth down any sharp edges. Remove one side of it so your kids can walk in and out of it easily. Lay carpet down on the floor, and fill it up with kid's furniture and toys. Let your kids help you decorate it with the paint. Playhouses are expensive to purchase or to build. This is a way to give them one almost free, and they will like it just as much.

If you like to recycle, you can use a roll off dumpster as a recycling bin. If you do not have an extra dumpster for this, go to construction sites and ask if they have any they will sell you. They may offer to give you one free if they have extra ones they do not use, especially if you tell them you are going to use it for recycling.