Learn How To Recycle Properly

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Just about everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment, but not everyone knows how to recycle properly. There are key factors that you need to know in order to be able to make the most of your recycling experience. Use the following guide to learn how to recycle well.

Clean Items to be Recycled

When you recycle items, it is best to rinse cans and bottles before placing them in the recycling bin. The liquids and foods in the containers can grow mold or attract vermin. You want to be sure that you rinse everything thoroughly to cut down on the chances of attracting unwanted pets or having to deal with foul odors.

Store Recyclables Safely

Recyclables need to be kept off of the floor and away from small children. Cans often have sharp edges that can cause injury to little hands if they are handled improperly. There are recycling bins available that are designed to allow you to keep dangerous recyclables up and out of reach of little ones.

Not all Plastics are Recyclable

Many people make the mistake of assuming that just because something is made of plastic, it is recyclable. That is not the case at all. There are some plastic items, such as plastic plates, that are made of materials that cannot be recycled. Take the time to look at the bottom of your plastics before tossing them into the recycling bin. Look for a triangle with a number in it. Any item labeled with a number from one to seven is safe to recycle.

Recycling Services Make Life Easier

There are services available that will come to your home and pick up the recycling for you. All you will have to do is take your recycling bins to the street on the specific day the company schedules to have the recycling picked up in your specific area. This allows you to avoid having to put the bins in your car, transport them to the local dump, and empty them in the specified locations. This can be quite a hassle that is worth avoiding if at all possible.

Now that you know the steps to proper recycling, you can start on your journey right away. It is something that will quickly become a habit the more and more you do it. Recycling takes very little time to do and can greatly reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. For more information, contact B-P Trucking Inc. or a similar company.