4 Recyclable Materials Following Demolition

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If you are planning on completing a demolition project at home, whether you are pulling up carpets to lay down hardwood flooring, or taking down a wall to create a larger living room, you should be aware of how you get rid of the materials. A lot of materials that are tore down during demolition can actually be recycled. Instead of filling your local landfills with these materials, consider having a recycling company pick it up, or deliver it to your local recycling plant. Here are some common materials disposed of during demolition that can be recycled.

Concrete and Stone

The first category of materials you can recycle, which is often unknown by demolition crews, includes concrete and stone. If you are planning on breaking up your concrete driveway so you can install an asphalt driveway, all of that concrete can be recycled. The same can be said for all types of stone, masonry, and rock. Rocks from your yard and natural stone tiles or countertops can be recycled. This also includes porcelain or ceramic tiles, such as those used in kitchens or bathrooms.


One of the more well-known types of recyclable materials from demolition sites is metal. Not only can you recycle your scrap metal, but you might even make money off it. Not all types of recyclable materials will reward you with money for recycling, but metal is high in demand, so you can earn a little money from it. This includes any type of metal you might come across, from piping and insulation to HVAC components. If you are working on your plumbing or electrical system, any metal components can be recycled.


Did you know you can recycle different types of wood? If you are not planning on reusing wood you tear down, such as for other building projects or firewood, you should take the time to recycle it. This includes wood from structural elements, like beams or framework, as well as wood from furniture items that are broken down, built-in furnishings like bookshelves, and lumber.

Plastic and Electronics

Lastly, you can recycle different components from plastic and electronic systems. All types of electronic items, including the wiring, can be recycled. If during a demolition project, you find a built-in stereo and speaker system that is busted, go ahead and add it to other materials you plan to recycle. Plastic, including plastic plumbing components and piping, can also be recycled.

In addition to these items, also remember that any glass or carpeting you might come across that needs to be hauled away can be recycled. Contact a company like Alpart Scrap Iron & Metals Inc for your scrap metal recycling and demolition needs.